Every item that’s put in our hands is special and has a story. We’ve helped so many people’s personal property find a new home; we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of these items. Each item has a history, from when and where they were made to it's new life in your home.  We have worked hard to create a unique shipping solution that gives the attention these items deserve, making sure their journey is safe and sound. 

Here’s how it works:

Before you are able to bid on an item, it is moved from a property to our world-class distribution center to get sorted, photographed, cataloged and uploaded onto our site to find it's new owner.  

Once a new home is found, our team removes the items from the property and carefully packages and preps the items for travel.  In many instances, this is done before the items even go live on our site!  If the items are being removed from the home, allow 10 business days for the items to be packed and shipped out to you.  If the items are coming from a distribution center, they will be leaving within 48 hours.  

The item is then transported by whatever means necessary to ensure it's safety; whether it's local delivery service, UPS, or USPS.  The item will then arrive at your doorstep for you to enjoy!