Each item has it's own fulfillment options, even within the same sale.  Make sure to plan for how you are going to receive the item before placing any bids! This selection may be updated at any time before the item closes.

Shipping: Once you have won, we will process your purchase with the address and payment method you selected during bidding. Then we will begin to prepare your purchase for shipment. You can view all of our Shipping FAQs here.

Pickup: If you chose to pick up your item, you will the receive the address and hours of your pickup location in your receipt email. Most EBTH locations have open pickup hours, while in-home pickups are typically limited to a specific date and time. If you are unable to make the specified pickup time, you may send someone to pick up on your behalf.

If you are bidding on an item that does not have one of the above options listed, then that option is not available for that item.