We are required to collect sales tax on all purchases that are delivered in a state that EBTH has a presence in. (To view all states that EBTH collects sales tax in, click here.)  Sales tax is collected on behalf of the state where the item is fulfilled.  This means that if an item is picked up, it will be taxable in the jurisdiction it was picked up in.  If an item is shipped, the item is taxable in the jurisdiction where it was delivered to.

Sales tax is applied to the total shipping fee; due to the handling and packing being included in the total.  The combined shipping and handling fee becomes taxable. Shipping fees are not taxable if handling is listed separately, but is taxable if they're combined.

Occasionally, there are state-specific regulations on what items are taxable.  If you believe you are exempt from being taxable on a specific item or invoice, please email salestax@ebth.com with your invoice number and we will be happy to review.

If you are tax exempt, follow these instructions.