We do understand that bidding errors will occur from time to time.  If you place a bid mistakenly, then we cannot delete that bid, unless it is in the case of an obvious error with more than 24 hours left in the auction.  Just like in a live auction, your bid will stand and you will be responsible for payment on that amount if you win.  If there is time left in the auction, then there is always (and most likely) a chance that you will be outbid!

You can raise or change your own auto-bid by using the “Edit Your Bid” bid text link without increasing your current bid amount.  To adjust a maximum bid placed on any item, simply click“Edit Your Bid” located just to the right of the current bid amount. You won’t be able to edit the bid below your current bid placed but if you’re adjusting upward the sky’s the limit!

If you made a bid mistake within 24 hours of the auction closing, the bid will stand as entered due to the fact that the bid you placed may prevent other bidders from placing competing bids. EBTH cannot be responsible for individuals increasing their own bids and therefore eliminating other potential bidders. This is the risk you take when waiting until the last minute to place your bids and doing so under time constraints!

For further information on our policy regarding bidding errors and retractions – click here.