The shipping cost is not calculated by the final selling price of the item, but instead, on the size, weight and distance the item is traveling; as well as packing, handling, insurance and sales tax. (Insurance affects the final total, an additional 1% of the bid amount is added to the final cost.)

Personal Property Sales:  This item will be picked up by our shipping vendor and taken to their facility for packing and preparation. From there, they are given to the carrier where they proceed in transit. Our items are unique and individual, and are treated as such.  We include a shipping quote generator on the item page, so that you can get an idea of the cost before a single bid is even placed!

Distribution Center Sales:  In order to ship more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, we have started removing items from the home before the sale goes live.  They are now packaged and ready to ship out as soon as the sale ends!  Plus, items will arrive just a few days after you place the winning bid!   As the items are packaged prior to the sale going live, the items cannot be repacked together.

Items that are invoiced from a personal property sale generally ship together.  This will depend on the specifics of the item and the property or carrier. If you win items from multiple sales they will be shipped separately as often times the items ship from different locations.  If the items are eligible for combined shipping price will be determined at the conclusion of the sale once you have received your invoice.  There may be certain eligible items that are available for pickup in the local market (typically larger furniture pieces) at a moving and storage facility.