This article briefly describes how to bid and adjust your bidding; for detailed information, please view the detailed bidding instructions here!

Getting Started
In order to participate in our online sales you must first register or “Sign Up”.

When signing up you will be asked to agree to our sale Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve completed the sign up process, you are now eligible to bid!  A bidder number will be assigned to you, and will appear in the bid history while you are bidding, to protect your identity.

TIP: Make sure to check your fulfillment options first!  Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the available item options, proceed to enter your bids.  You will have two options that you can enter bids from:

1. The item details page. From this page, you can review all item details, description, pictures and measurements.  Please review this information carefully, as bids cannot be deleted once placed!  The Minimum Bid box will automatically input the next required increment.  A status box will appear letting you know if you are the high bidder or if you have been outbid. If another bidder has entered a higher Maximum Bid, they will be awarded the high bid at the most competitive increment at or over the amount you’ve entered. Bid increments can be found here.

2. The “Following” page.  These are items that you have previously bid on or selected to follow. All of the current live items followed will be displayed.  Similar to the bidding above, if you want to bid on an Item, click the “Place Bid” button. A bid box will appear and the same bidding action applies. The closing time and status for Items will be displayed in the list - please make sure to refresh your page frequently as the sale begins to close.

For information about editing your maximum bid, click here.  If you want to learn how to edit a bid, click here.

TIP: You can receive outbid notices via email, text and push notifications.  However, while a sale is closing it is always best to review your bids directly on the site.

Staggered Item Closing and Last Minute Bidding Extension:  our sales state that the “Sale Closes” at a specific time. All Items do not close simultaneously at that time. Items begin closing in the order displayed on the site and typically close at the rate of 3 Items per minute (i.e. Items 1-3 close at H:00, lots 4-6 close at H:01, etc.). This is an intentional design so that bidders can have time to evaluate their overall progress in a sale as items close. 

Additionally, if an Item receives a bid within the last 5 minutes, the close time will be extended 5 minutes from the time the bid is placed. The time will continue to be extended for 5 minutes with each newly placed bid and the item will not close until 5 minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity. The Item will say "Ended" once bidding has ended. 

If you win an Item, please be aware that the Item will not show up in your “Won Items” list for approximately 2 hours after all items in the sale have closed.

Once invoices are sent, you are able to checkout by clicking on the invoice in your “Won Items” list. Proceed to checkout and you will be able to determine your shipping method and payment.

Our Promise
Rest assured that EBTH takes every precaution to manage our site and sales in a transparent manner that allows for the fairest environment for both buyers and sellers.

Happy Bidding!