If you're outbid on an item, you can use the Quick Bid feature to place your next bid without ever opening the EBTH app. 

1. Expand your outbid push notification.

You can expand the iOS push notification by hard pressing on the message or sliding the message to the left and choosing "View" from the lock screen. If your iPhone is unlocked, you can hard press or pull down the message to expand it.

2. Check the Quick Bid amount.

The Quick Bid amount is the minimum bid required to get back in the lead. Confirm that you'd like to bid this amount.

3. Press the "Quick Bid Now" button.

If you're comfortable with the Quick Bid amount, press the "Quick Bid Now" button to place your bid. If you'd like to bid more than the Quick Bid amount or would like to view the item details, press the message to open the item page.

After your bid is placed, you will receive another push notification confirming your bid was successful.