Please, thoroughly inspect your shipment at the time of delivery and before you sign for the shipment. It is very important that you inspect the shipment to ensure the item is not damaged.

If you receive a damaged item, you have the option to either sign for it damaged with the intent to repair or sign as refused.

To file a damage claim, please email with the following information:

  • Your EBTH invoice # (this can be found on your order confirmation email)
  • Your phone number and email
  • Picture of the shipping label with the tracking number visible
  • Pictures of all sides of the box, including the bottom with the box seal
  • Detailed pictures of the packing materials and a description/photo of how the items were packed in the box
  • Pictures of the entire item
  • Close up pictures of the item damage

By providing as much detail and information as possible, EBTH will be better able to assist with processing your claim successfully and reimbursing you for your damaged item. Please keep all packaging and damages item(s) until the claim can be filed. EBTH must receive all of this information within 30 days of delivery to successfully file a damage claim.

*Please note that if your order was shipped via uShip to include all relevant delivery receipts, text message exchanges, or documentation that would help support a shipping claim. As a customer you always have the right to refuse your delivery if there are damages that were not included in our original listing or photographs. When doing so, please make sure to sign for your item damaged on the Bill of Lading provided to you by the carrier and send that in as part of the claims process.