Each time you bid on a new item, you'll be asked how you'd like to pay for and receive the item if you win. You'll select your preferred payment method and whether you'd like to pick the item up or have it shipped to you. If you do win the item, we'll automatically process your order using these preferences. Keep in mind, you can update these preferences at any time before the item closes. 

After we process your payment, we’ll email your receipt and begin to prepare your item for pickup or delivery.

If your invoice requires special payment, shipping, or attention, it may not be eligible for automatic checkout. In this case, we'll notify you and help complete your order as quickly as possible.

Common Reasons Invoices are Ineligible for Automatic Checkout

Wire Transfer: In order to protect our sellers, invoices over $10,000, invoices that include a vehicle, and invoices that include an item over $5,000 all require a wire transfer payment. If your invoice requires a wire transfer, you will receive instructions via email for this manual payment process.

International Shipping: Delivery to countries outside of the US requires custom shipping. You will work with a shipping specialist to acquire the appropriate quotes and shipping information.