While viewing the item on your mobile device you'll be able to see the fulfillment options for that item by scrolling just below the place bid box:

If you want to know more about the pickup location or would like a quote on a different shipping address, please click the corresponding option and more information will be provided. 

After you've reviewed those options and are ready to place your bid, please select the place bid button.  From there you'll be prompted to select which fulfillment option you would like to utilize - 'Pick It Up' at the address provided or 'Ship To Me' at the address listed.  

Once that's finished you're on to the real fun - time to place your bid!  You'll be given the option to place an auto/max bid if you'd like, you'll see the fulfillment option you've selected, and the card which will be charged should you win.  If you decide you'd like to change your fulfillment option or payment method, you can still make those elections from this screen. After you've reviewed that, hit the place bid button and you're all set!  

Please note: Invoices over $5,000 and vehicles (regardless of amount) will require payment by wire transfer or certified funds.